Somatics for Bellydance Course

Learn the science and art of mindful movement - includes 14 Day Basic Somatic Practice save $10

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Somatics for Bellydance
is a dynamic training course presented by Keti Sharif, with demonstrations by Phynia Anastas. Students, teachers and performers will enhance bellydance skills through the science and art of mindful movement; from internal sensing, to proprioception and connection to self and space. The course suits any bellydance style or level.

Learning the powerful fundamentals of Somatics will improve your dance and improvisational skills. You'll enjoy a more present, grounded and sensory experience of movement, with a deeper sense of connectivity and trust in yourself, as you build true body confidence. You will learn about the internal and external dynamics of the moving body and how to connect to elemental qualities through movement and music.

This course is also the new pre-requisite for the A-Z Bellydance Study Courses. There is an optional online exam which can submitted for certification. Learn the language of Somatics and enrich your own practice!

*Plus you will get the 14 day Somatic Practice FREE, save $10.

Your Instructor

Keti Sharif
Keti Sharif

Keti’s Somatic and musical approach to bellydance encourages mindful movement and creativity, whist preserving cultural integrity. Her teachings inform and enrich the dancer’s practice, improving musicality, skills and confidence, with helpful ways to access innate body wisdom for artistry and wellbeing. Originally from Australia, Keti developed A-Z Bellydance in Egypt, where she lived for many years, organising live music and cultural events. The methodology is currently taught in 40 countries, and references her Somatics training in the USA at UNCG, Springfield College, MA and the Laban-Bartenieff Institute in New York.

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