The new format A-Z has been influenced by these Middle Eastern Dance & Somatic Movement pioneers, for whom I am very grateful to have studied with:

Mahmoud Reda for his vision and clarity with space, movement, momentum, his genius vision & revolutionary choreographic methods which changed the trajectory of Egyptian dance worldwide.

Farida Fahmy for her poise and elegance, life long passion for dance and articulate way of expressing the essence of Egyptian dance with dignity and insight.

Dr Martha Eddy, for her cutting edge Somatic research into using mindful movement for self-healing, and for creating 'Moving for Life' programs for women recovering from cancer, which is saving lives.

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen who's life-long research proves that we can assist in the healing of our body & mind on a cellular level through somatic movement.

Dr Peter Levine, for his revolutionary research into how conscious, gentle movement choices can calm our nervous system and release trauma. Dr Levine is the only one I have not studied directly with, but I have attended a course with one of his understudies, Satyen Delmonte.

Sam Nascimento, for his live percussion in the new video seminars! A respected, innovative Arab/Latin percussionist from Melbourne, he has spent time in Egypt studying Arabic rhythms. We also run the Rhythmic Essentials workshops worldwide in 2020.

These pioneers are all "paradigm shifters" and have spent a lifetime exploring the meaningfulness of movement, music or wellbeing. They have all inspired the new format A-Z Bellydance. Their work and influence is deeply appreciated. ***