Welcome to the New A-Z Bellydance 2020

Welcome to the new format A-Z Course for 2020! I deliver brand NEW freshly filmed sessions every fortnight. After you complete your foundational Somatics for Bellydance course which informs you about the somatic language and syntax that underpins the inner sensing, dance movement and musicality tuition, you will progress to my BRAND NEW video seminars in:

Core Essentials: 120 Bellydance Moves

A-Z Original Certification

A-Z Advanced Certification

A-Z Teacher Training and Assessor Course

You will learn 120 individual Core bellydance moves, 52 dance sequences that are matrices based on Arabic maqamaat and rhythms, and 12 choreographies (classical, Saiidi and tabla solo). On successful completion, graduates can teach the official courses as per the methodology guidelines. Or integrate the teachings into their own dance teaching style and preference.

Warm wishes,

Keti Sharif