Course Dates - Weekly Class Schedule


26 x Modules, including Master Classes are a part of the 2020 A-Z Bellydance Teacher Training Course Curriculum. Modules are delivered on the following dates. You have a fortnight to complete each section.

Jan 6 & 20

Somatics for Bellydance, 2 x Modules

Learn how somatics helps to create movement pathways that are sensed fully, experienced somatically and expressed easily.


Feb 3, 17 & Mar 2

Core Essentials: 120 Bellydance Moves, 3 Modules

Individual movements which will secure your student's internal movement vocabulary (and body-memory) to prepare for learning the A-Z sequences. The three core sections are sahb (seamless), naqr (accented/vibrating) and travelling moves.  

Mar 16, 30, Apr 13, 27, May 11 & 25

NEW A-Z Original Course, 6 Modules

Learn the 26 x A-Z Original sequences in 5 x sets, dance to 5 x famous Egyptian classics recorded live in Cairo, plus learn an 8 minute drill (26 x sequences/100 moves), to hone your technique - a great practice to boost your Egyptian dance skills. Video submission & multiple choice test.

May 25 - Master Class A-Z Original

June Course BREAK for one month

Jul 6, 20, Aug 3, 17, 31 & Sep 14

NEW A-Z Advanced Course, 6 Modules

Learn the A-Z Advanced routines in 5 x sets, dance to 5 x famous Egyptian classics recorded live in Cairo, plus stagecraft and theatrical styling. Video submission & multiple choice test. 

Sep 14 Master Class A-Z Advanced

Sep 28, Oct 12, 26, Nov 9, 23 & Dec 7

NEW A-Z Teacher Training Intensive Course, 6 Modules

Learn to combine the Original and Advanced methodologies, discover LMA movement analysis for teachers, learn the art of "reading bodies" on the three levels (mind/body/emotion) to support your students, become skilled at creating curriculum for your students, tracking progress and delivering student assessment. Teaching project delivery.

Dec 7 Final Master Class for Teachers and Exam

Crafting the perfect curriculum that utilizes your teaching talents and areas of specialty.

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