What to expect in this course - content overview

Hello and welcome to The Healing Power of Bellydance course!


This new course explores the profound healing effects of Bellydancing through it's unique music, rhythms & movement. It culminates 30+ years of experience & research in the fields of Bellydance, Somatics, Fitness, Musicality & Movement Analysis. Seminar topics feature live classes to boost the dancer's personal healing experience.

"Mindful bellydance movement can be a powerful, life-changing tool for healing & transformation."

You'll learn to create your own personal Bellydance Program for Wellbeing, as you discover specific moves for rejuvenation. I'll also reveal some amazing Somatic secrets to beat fatigue, feel refreshed & help you heal from the inside out!

The course is presented in 3 Parts featuring 15 x Video Sessions plus download/print all your sheets from each session to form your course Ebook (with bonus Audio MP3 versions of each seminar). 

It is best to proceed through the course topics one at a time, as they often interlink. However, once you complete the full course, you may refer back to topics in any order. There is also a Test section at the end for further learning. Here is an overview of the topics covered.


If you have physical limitations, issues or challenges that make certain movements difficult, I have offered some modifications. All care and safety has been considered, and I am a certified fitness professional. However, if you are pregnant, have physical issues or have not exercised in a while, I would advise checking with your doctor if you have any hesitation in performing the exercises.

All the best with your journey!

Keti Sharif