Hello and welcome to the workshop!

Hello, welcome to my Sensual Sama'i 10/8 Bellydance workshop!

Sama'i Thaqil is a beautiful odd time signature rhythm from the Muwashshat (Andalusian) family of rhythms, with Arabian world roots. It is very deep, robust and grounded, yet flows through many different energies: earthy, rebounding, lifting, swaying and pausing. You can find your breath and space within this rhythm, which is one of the reasons I love it so much for bellydancing. It is not rushed, so you can pause and feel the shifts easily. The footwork for the travelling pathways, however can feel quite nimble - but its flows easily.

You will learn to move confidently to the 10/8, marking the footwork in rhythmic time and timely weight shifting with flowing patterns.


Firstly drummer Sam will demonstrate the skeleton of the rhythmic breakdown on Darbuka, Dof and Riq.


Then I show the movement relationship and how to dance to 10/8. Then combinations.


Finally I show you how to dance to music featuring Sama'i Thaqil 10/8 with some lovely songs including new originals from Cairo.

We will look at two ways of bellydancing to the 10/8 rhythm/songs:

A. Body Pathways for Sama'i Thaqil -

Path, pattern or flow of gestures when staying on the spot (axial movement).

B. Floor patterns for Sama'i Thaqil -

Patterns made when travelling across a space (locomotive).

Sama'i Thaqil is very deep, feminine and yielding in its energy. You will open new sensory pathways as you embody the 10/8 timing.

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