Welcome - What's in Store for '24!

A big warm welcome to you in 2024! Thank you for joining my weekly bellydance classes - it's a bit of a different way of presenting my classes this year.

I will be running 4 x 3 month terms of weekly classes:
Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep & Oct-Dec.

Every week, on Monday in 2024, you'll receive your hour-long, pre-recorded bellydance class which I will recorded over the weekend. So your classes will all be nice and fresh!

I will be sharing a variety of different Egyptian styles from traditional to classic to modern. You will explore both choreo and improvisation, learn new moves, consolidate what you learnt in previous sessions, and mostly - celebrate your dancing! Our main emphasis is on joyful dancing with a sense of ease and naturalness in technique, as we develop dance skills, energetic awareness, rhythmic confidence and musicality.

As a somatic movement instructor I'd love to share more about mindful movement and the deeply fulfilling experience of really feeling and sensing your dancing from within. Somatics will be a key element for all our classes together.

Occasionally, I will also bring in some complimentary well-being techniques in our cool downs which feature Somatic exercises, breathing techniques, simple meridian and organ healing movements or meridian tapping inspired by Qi Gong.

You are welcome to view your video class any time during the week and choose your ideal time to practice. Try to make it the same time every week if you want to create a solid weekly practice with me in 2024!

I'd love your feedback and comments in the weekly chat section for your classes, as this helps me know how you're doing and also what I can include in future classes. The aim with the live chat is to connect as a group and allow these fun weekly classes to be created week-by-week, guided through student feedback.

During the course of 2024 I have scheduled 8 x live zoom sessions from various locations around the world, often with bellydance guest teachers or a wonderful group of students accompanying us. Please check your schedule to see when these dates are in your program! These are usually scheduled on weekends. I would love it if you can join us for some of these zoom sessions which happened in real time. However, if you can't make it, rest assured they will be recorded and kept as part of your library of weekly classes.

These classes are all fully downloadable and will remain on your teachable platform until December 31st, 2024. So they will form a kind of 'library' of classes you can access year-round right here on Teachable, and beyond if you wish to download the content.

Here's to a wonderful year of dancing and fun!

Keti Sharif

PS: I am not running the A-Z Teacher Training Year Long Course in 2024, but I am working behind the scenes on creating and launching it as a comprehensive new Self Study Course and App by mid 2024. When it's finally out, you will be the first to know!

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