The Traditional Arts of Egypt - Film Seminar & Ebook

Music, Moulids and Folk Dances - Historical and Regional Perspective of Egypt's Cultural Arts

Keti Sharif draws from her BA in Fine Arts, with a focus on Islamic Art History, and vast experience hosting Egyptian cultural arts events, to present this educational resource. She brings elements of regional Egyptian culture, history, and the arts into perspective with a 1:25 hour video and 30 page e-book. Footage includes years of filming cultural and traditional arts in Egypt, archiving the work of Egyptian artists, and hosting Sphinx festivals events.


1. Vibrant Arts
2. Moulids
3. Historical Perspective
4. Siwa Oasis
5. Dakhla
6. Al Arish, NorthSinai
7. Marsa Matruh
8. Asyut
9. El Saiid
10. Tahtib
11. Cairo
12. Baladi
13. Music
14. Millayah Laff
15. Muwashahat
16. Alexandria
17. Port Said
18. Ghawazee
19. Fallahin - Fayum
20. Nubia
21. Zaar
22. Textiles
23. Islamic Architecture
24. Arabic script

Course Curriculum

  Traditional Arts of Egypt
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