The Workshop

Dive into the intricate world of Egyptian music and explore the relationship between sound, sensing and dance movement. Participants will delve into the fascinating world of Egyptian soundscapes through listening, sensing and finding the best dance movement for their body. Through a combination of theory and practical exercises, attendees will learn the art of active listening and how to interpret the sounds - and musical instruments - that surround us as we dance.

Key topics that will be covered include understanding the components of a soundscape, identifying different sound sources, how sound impacts our emotions, senses and movement impulses. Participants can expect to develop a heightened sense of awareness towards music as dancers, allowing them to appreciate the Egyptian music landscape in a whole new light.

Key Lesson Concepts:

  • Exploring the concept of Egyptian musical soundscapes
  • Practicing active listening techniques
  • Understanding the emotional and sensory effects of sound

Sensing the Soundscape - Internalising the Music

We will explore the somatic sensing to soundscapes from individual musical instruments, to full compositions for Egyptian dance.

Learn about Sounscapes

Delving into the Auditory Tapestry of Egyptian music

Improve your Musicality

Understanding the Elements within Egyptian music and movements sounds can elicit

Fun, Supportive Group

Exploring the energy of Musical sensing for dance, and discuss with a supportive group

What you will learn

When I first started studying the powerful music-movement relationship in Egyptian dance, I was driven by the incredible ways our senses speak to us through sound. I wanted to create something tailored just for you – whether you're new to the concept of musicality, or simply curious about the layers of instruments that create soundscapes for Egyptian dance. We'll venture through listening exercises, field recordings, and discussions, all designed to enhance your auditory and Somatic, sensory awareness. By the end of our time together, you'll be equipped with new skills to decode and appreciate the intricate symphony of your Egyptian sounds, transforming the way you listen to and internalise Arabic music. It's a hands-on approach to uncover the Egyptian soundscape, and I'm excited to guide you through this engaging journey.

Keti Sharif

Your instructor

Keti Sharif brings a wealth of knowledge to this workshop for participants. Over the years, she has explored ways in which Egyptian musical sound shapes our sensory responses as dancers. With numerous hands-on projects under her belt, she has established herself as a reliable guide for those looking to navigate the nuanced world of Arabic soundscapes. Her enthusiasm reflects her personal quest as a dancer, to uncover the symphony of sounds that frame Egyptian dance. Keti's approach to teaching is grounded in the belief that an appreciation of our inner sensing, and connection to music, fosters a deeper connection to our dancing. Her passion for the subject is infectious, and she is committed to helping her students develop a keen awareness of how sound influences perception, emotion, and interaction within their own "soundscapes."

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