Pulse8 Elements - 3 x 45 Minute Bellydance Fusion Workouts

Enjoy 3 x fun 45 minute Workouts: Earth, Water and Fire

Keti's Pulse8 Elements Workouts - Earth, Water and Fire are based on A-Z Bellydance, and incorporate Afro-Egyptian style shimmies in the Earth program, Salsa steps in the Fire program and Yoga poses in the Water program. Each Workout is 45 Mins, and is demonstrated by a group of A-Z dance teachers. Earth is grounding, Fire is energizing and Water is calming. Choose your mood and your program! Filmed in Los Angeles with A-Z Bellydance teachers from around the world! Great for students and teachers.

Pulse8 Elements Workouts include the three programs - Earth, Water and Fire and the following materials:

3 x 45 minute group fitness video
3 x Program Notes and Track List
3 x CDs of Keti's Original Music, recorded for the programs

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Keti Sharif
Keti Sharif

Keti’s Somatic approach to bellydance encourages mindful movement and creativity, whist preserving cultural integrity. Her teachings inform and enrich the dancer’s practice, providing tools to improve musicality, skills and confidence, and access their innate body wisdom for wellbeing. Originally from Australia, Keti developed A-Z Bellydance in Egypt, a methodology which is currently taught in 40 countries, and has recently updated her Somatics training in the USA at UNCG, Springfield College, MA and the Laban-Bartenieff Institute in New York.

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  Pulse8 Eements: Earth, Fire & Water Group Workouts
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