CREATE Your Digital Dance Product - A 6 Part Course

Dancers, teachers, performers, musicians, artists! Learn how to plan, produce and market your digital product.

Are you a Dancer who'd like to CREATE an online product to share your great ideas with others? Your product can provide a wonderful source of inspiration, encouragement, education and support for people around the world.

* Do you have an idea for an online class, workshop, ebook or course?

* Would you like to share knowledge in a certain field via seminar?

* Or would you like to create a unique product for fellow dancers?

Learn how to create your digital dance with this 6 part immersion into the planning and creation of your vision... and get it online! In March 2020, this course is fully guided and we have a facebook group!

Digital products are powerful vehicles for your artistic career, bringing your ideas into laser-sharp focus. Products support your artistic vision, highlight areas of skill, supplement live training and boost income. I've developed over 200 products and online resources in the last 20 years, and have sold over a million dollars of course content. I will share essential tips to make your product creation journey structurally sound and successful, whilst encouraging you to work with a soul-centred approach.

Flexible self study allows you to choose a schedule that suit you best. Complete this course by scheduling 2-3 hours per section - there are 6 x sections. :

This course is your step-by-step planning journey to help you create your product and start selling it with confidence in the shortest timeframe. Join me now!

Keti Sharif

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