CREATE Your Digital Dance Product

6 week course to learn how to plan, produce & market your digital product

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Are you a Dancer or an Artist?

* Do you have an idea for an online class, workshop, ebook or course?

* Would you like to share knowledge in a certain field via seminar?

* Or would you like to create a unique product for fellow dancers?

If you would like to learn how to create your digital dance product join me, Keti Sharif, for a 6 week immersion into the planning and creation of your vision... and learn how to get it online!

These days, having a digital product is one of the most powerful vehicles for your artistic career, bringing your ideas into laser-sharp focus. Products support your artistic vision, highlight your areas of skill, supplement your live training and can also create ongoing income. I have created over 200 online products in the last 20 years and will share essential tips to make your product creation journey successful.

To complete this course in the suggested 6 week timeframe, schedule 2-3 hours per week, or choose a schedule that suit you.

This course is designed to be flexible, so you can do it in less time, or more time if needed - your step-by-step planning will support your journey as you to create your product and start selling it with confidence in the shortest timeframe.

Post Course Skype Discussion Option: If you'd like a one-on-one skype session to support your project, you may inquire after you have started your course. Skype consultation with Keti is $60 for an hour, please book by emailing office@ketisharif.com

Get started now!